Our Brands

Simulation-based educational products that accelerate learning, increase patient safety, enhance training and improve patient care

Simulation is one of the most effective and risk-free ways to prepare healthcare practitioners for the moments that matter.

At Elevate Healthcare, we provide an ecosystem of integrated, simulation-based healthcare-education solutions that teach learners how to treat patients, handle critical situations and, most importantly, reduce errors. 

Our solutions accelerate learning, increase patient safety, enhance training and improve patient care.

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Our portfolio of brands includes
Patient simulation
Ultrasound simulation
Surgical simulation
Center management
Digital learning


A multipurpose patient simulator for the development of prehospital and nursing skills
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This mid-fidelity patient simulator comes packed with practical features, including muscle injection sites, a realistic breathing system, a difficult airway and two-way communication between the manikin (operator) and learner that make it ideal for teaching, learning and practicing critical emergency-care skills.
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A pediatric patient simulator for assessing and addressing a range of conditions
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Blue Phantom

Ultrasound skills trainers that bridge the gap between theory and practice using diagnostic imaging
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Customizable cardiac training for practicing common to complex cardiology cases
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A medical manikin so real, it truly breathes, delivering realistic patient responses for immersive learning
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A blended training solution that advances ultrasound learning, increases knowledge retention and shortens time to competency
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A patient simulator designed to enhance and improve clinical nursing skills, from task training to advanced patient care
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A customizable, fully scalable all-in-one solution that streamlines and simplifies key simulation center management activities, hybrid learning solution
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Deliver an immersive prepartum and postpartum training experience with this advanced maternal simulator designed for everything from everyday care to difficult deliveries
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This small but powerful patient simulator supports training for neonatal care, from nursing skills to resuscitation
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Maestro Embody

Self-directed virtual learning that delivers a true-to-life, clinical experience anytime, anywhere
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Maestro Evolve

Instructor-led virtual learning that delivers realistic clinical education, regardless of learner location
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True-to-life skills trainers and simulation enhancements that help learners master the fundamentals of patient care
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Standard and portable medical equipment that expands clinical training
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An ultrasound simulator that accelerates the development of psychomotor and cognitive skills for probe handling, image interpretation, diagnosis and decision-making
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SMART Manikin

Self-directed learning for lifesaving education is easier than ever with the SMART manikin. Available in adult and infant versions, the SMART manikin will allow a simple solution to complete many skills assessments.
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SimPort is Elevate Healthcare’s gateway to managing and delivering your Elevate Healthcare simulation resources. It is the entry point to the Elevate Healthcare digital ecosystem.
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Unlock the full potential of scenario creation and management with SimCreate, an expert application to easily author your simulation content.
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