Clinical Specialties

Integrated simulation solutions that build skills across a spectrum of healthcare practices and procedures

We deliver a suite of clinical simulation solutions that help you and your team take safer actions, make better decisions and deliver high-quality patient care.

Explore our clinical specialties to find targeted products and services that empower your teams to practice highly varied and critical diagnostic and operational procedures, increase their expertise and reduce the likelihood of making costly mistakes. Together, we can optimize clinical outcomes and maximize training investments so your teams can perform high-stakes, lifesaving procedures with competence and confidence.

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In 2005, wife and mom of two Elaine Bromily died during a routine medical procedure. The reason? Her technically skilled, experienced medical team, working in a fully equipped operating room, lacked the necessary human-factors-skills to address the complication. Use our suite of anesthesia-focused solutions to practice teamwork, task distribution, situational awareness and communication.

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Cardiac emergencies can affect an entire family. Just ask our chief medical officer, Dr. Stefan Monk. When his wife suffered a myocardial infarction shortly after the birth of their first child, an unsuccessful treatment could have changed their lives forever. Fortunately, his wife recovered, thanks to her skilled medical team. Today, Dr. Monk uses his experience to enhance the quality of care for learners and practitioners using Elevate Healthcare solutions. Use our cardiac simulation products to help learners master the core skills of diagnosing and treating cardiovascular conditions.

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Emergency & Trauma

Simulated scenarios play a significant role in ensuring first responders are ready for any situation, whether it’s a combat casualty or hit and run. Our suite of simulation-based, emergency-focused products immerses learners into the sights, sounds and stress of high-risk situations, where every minute can mean the difference between life and death. Use these products to ensure readiness, encourage collaboration and enforce high-quality communication.

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Nurses provide skilled attention that is foundational to all of healthcare. Help ensure they’re ready for whatever comes, with a product portfolio designed to develop the unique skills they’ll need, whether they’re providing care in the operating room, at an outpatient clinic or on the frontlines.

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Obstetrics & Gynecology

Childbirth can be one of the happiest–and most harrowing–experiences. Ensure your learners are ready to provide the best possible care with our OB-GYN solutions, featuring simulation enhancements for added realism, ultrasound skills trainers for the development of essential psychomotor and cognitive skills, and a high-fidelity patient simulator designed to deliver the full scope of obstetric emergencies.

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As the complexity of pediatric hospital admissions grows, so, too, must clinicians’ pediatric skills. Our wide range of pediatric simulation tools is designed to ensure practitioners are prepared to handle real-life pediatric emergencies, from gunshot wounds to severe allergic reactions.

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Respiratory Therapy

A form of life support, mechanical ventilation is one of many tools used to treat patients who can’t breathe on their own. Ensure learners are ready to handle these complex cases with online learning they can take anytime, anywhere through our digital learning management system.

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Sim Center Management

Streamline simulation center management and increase training efficacy with one of our solutions. Our management platforms capture audio, video and physiological data, including event logs, trend charts, waveform displays and annotations. Amplify assessments using rich patient data and feedback that is supported by audiovisual recordings.

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Ultrasound is a low-risk method of identifying and diagnosing diseases and conditions in all stages of life. Elevate Healthcare’s suite of solutions walks the learner from online assessments to hands-on technology featuring enhanced animations and real-life scenarios, supporting aspiring sonographers to complete the journey to certification.

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