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Simulation solutions known for their innovation, fidelity, quality and value

We partner with organizations worldwide to offer realistic and relevant healthcare simulation solutions.

With a bold mission to improve patient safety and outcomes, we continuously strive to develop breakthrough products that advance learning and competency in risk-free settings.

Explore our products to encounter realistic medical scenarios and responsive behaviors from our family of patient simulators, enhance psychomotor and cognitive skills with our portfolio of ultrasound training products, leverage sophisticated learning tools with our state-of-the-art digital solutions and experience our customizable simulation center management solution.

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Center Management

Streamline your center management with our solution that is designed to fit all of your needs. Leverage the debriefing options as well as the management applications to keep your sim center organized. From cloud-based platforms to multi-room controls and enhanced applications, Elevate Healthcare can create the solution just for you.

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Patient Simulation

From infant to adult, our high-fidelity patient simulators use sophisticated mathematical models to objectively reflect human physiology and the influences acting on it, such as medicines, equipment and pathologies. These physiological models adapt to interventions based on the patient’s age, weight and underlying conditions, responding objectively and consistently to diagnosis and treatment. As a result, they set the standard for realism and accuracy.

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Simulation scenarios set the stage for success in healthcare learning, and our solutions are the perfect tools to support your curriculum. From easy authoring to ready-made learning modules to accompany your simulators, let Elevate Healthcare sustain your scenarios and help you achieve your educational goals.

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Simulation Enhancements

Durable with life like features, our expansive portfolio of simulation enhancements expands the complexity of simulated clinical experiences to thoroughly capture the realism of prehospital and in-hospital medical emergencies. These models can be used with manikins or on their own.

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Skills Trainers

From basic clinical skills to ultrasound-guided procedures, our realistic training models mimic the look and feel of the human body to prepare learners for a variety of medical scenarios.

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Discover software-based simulation solutions developed to enhance your educational ecosystem. Using our premier physiology engine, Maestro, experience the same quality experiences online as in person.

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Take training to the next level with industry-leading realism. Our surgical simulation solutions explore the various challenges of traumatic injuries and mass casualty care as well as common to complex cardiology procedures.

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Ultrasound Simulation

From basic techniques to complex procedures, complete your ultrasound learning pathway using Elevate Healthcare’s suite of solutions. With online and in-person options, gain experience and strengthen expertise on an array of ultrasound specialties, from traditional to point of care.

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Make the most of our simulation solutions with products that extend the value, relevance and realism of your Elevate Healthcare portfolio.

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