Adult patient simulation


A medical manikin so real, it truly breathes, delivering realistic patient responses for immersive learning

Meet HPS

Practice respiratory and critical care training with the Human Patient Simulator (HPS). Known for its realism, HPS is the only simulator on the market today that provides true respiratory gas exchange, meaning it can respond to real anesthetic gasses, oxygen therapy and medications.

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Eye, ear and mouth secretions to detect trauma


Right arm supports IV cannulation with flashbacks. Brachial, cephalic, basilic and antecubital veins available


Spontaneous breathing with chest rise and fall


Advanced lungs that consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide


Auscultate bowel sounds via each of the four intestinal quadrants


Full range of motion in the knees, wrists, elbows and ankles


HPS delivers simulation so real that its lungs can consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide

Available in two configurations (adult and pediatric), HPS delivers simulation so real that its lungs can consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide. This high-fidelity simulator can also flow trigger or pressure trigger a ventilator to cycle and may be configured to display respiratory distress or agitation toward the ventilator. Other key features include:

check mark Eyes, ears and mouth secretions to detect trauma
check mark Range of motion in the wrists, elbows, knees and ankles
check mark Ability to interface with real clinical monitors and ventilators
check mark Left-arm blood-pressure management by auscultation and palpation

Anesthetic care in any situation

Knowing how to administer anesthesia in various settings is critical. HPS helps prepare health professionals for various encounters.

Abnormal breathing

Increase lifesaving measures by using the realistic airway system to practice bag-valve-mask ventilation and intubation

Fluid deprivation

Practice IV cannulation with flashback supported in the simulator’s right arm, including the brachial, cephalic, basilic and antecubital veins


Learn correct CPR hand placement, depth and rate of compressions with physiological feedback
Product Enhancements

Augment your simulation training

Medicor - Sticky Wound Kit
Simulate various stages of ulcers, abrasions, cuts, gunshots and burns with Medicor sticky wound kit. Able to stick to any surface without adhesive, these simulation enhancements can be applied to manikins and standardized patients alike, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly moulage.
Medicor - Geriatric Mask
Increase diversity in simulations with Medicor geriatric mask. The partial mask design provides for easy addition and removal. Most importantly, the geriatric mask prepares healthcare professionals to care for the aging population through realistic simulation training.
Medicor - Sticky Wound Burn Kit, Stages 1-4
Simulate first-, second-, third- and fourth-degree burns with Medicor sticky wound burn kit. Like other Medicor sticky wounds, these burn wounds do not require adhesive to stick to manikins or standardized patients and can be removed easily without leaving residue behind. All four burn wounds in the kit can also be purchased individually.

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