Medical Skills Trainers


True-to-life skills trainers and simulation enhancements that help learners master the fundamentals of patient care

Meet Medicor

Durable and lifelike, the expansive Medicor portfolio of clinical skills trainers and simulation enhancements strengthens the capabilities of healthcare professionals. These products provide a top-tier experience for learning patient safety techniques and increasing quality of care.

Ideal for repetitive use, Medicor helps learners practice and develop basic clinical skills using the:

  • Peripheral intravenous (IV) catheterization arm
  • Injectable abdomen
  • Infant leg for intramuscular injection
  • Peripheral intravenous (IV) catheterization hand
  • Sticky wound kit

Delivering training anytime, anywhere

The Medicor portfolio features multipurpose products, such as the MultiCube and MultiPad, which support on-site and remote learning. These products are ideal to practice:

check mark Venipuncture
check mark Percutaneous injections
check mark Wound care
check mark Suture removal
check mark Urinary catheterization

Enhance the experience

With Medicor, learners can train using products with outstanding reliability.


Repeatedly practice various healthcare situations with limited quality degradation.


Non-staining and mold-resistant task trainers are easy to maintain and disinfect.


Our proprietary MedicSkin, subcutaneous fibers and resistant bones mimic the look and feel of the human body.
Related Products

Deliver quality patient care

Peripheral Intravenous (IV) Catheterization Arm
A best-selling product, this IV arm features four veins to practice performing peripheral IV insertions. Each arm comes with two 1000 mL bags to use for simulating an IV drip and blood flow through the arm. After inserting the catheter correctly, students experience a realistic flashback for placement confirmation. Replace the outer layer of our proprietary MedicSkin in less than five minutes to extend the life of the model.
Infant Foot
Performing infant blood screenings is crucial to detect rare but serious disorders that may affect a baby’s health. Using this infant foot, students can learn and practice the appropriate technique, including proper hand placement and pressure application. The model realistically simulates the softness and structure of a baby’s heel while the internal reservoir releases a small trickle of blood with the application of light pressure.
Sticky Wound Burn Kit, Stages 1-4
This kit of 6-inch-by-3-inch oblong-shaped sticky wounds realistically simulates first-, second-, third- and fourth-degree burns. Like other Medicor sticky wounds, these burn wounds do not require adhesive to stick to manikins or standardized patients and can be removed easily without leaving residue behind. All four burn wounds in the kit can also be purchased individually.
Infant Leg
With this model, learners can safely practice the proper technique for performing intramuscular injections before administering on an infant patient.
Gluteal Intramuscular Injection Model
Ideal for practicing ventrogluteal injections. Learners can feel the bone, which is used as a landmark to determine correct hand placement and injection location. The interior of the model contains a sponge, which prevents deterioration or mold generation, even after repeated injections. Excess fluid can be removed through a hole on the underside of the model.
Pitting Edema Sticky Pads
Includes two sticky pads of pitting edema to train learners to identify and grade edema, a common medical issue in the general population. Pitting edema sticky pads offer high realism and good coverage. Like Medicor sticky wounds, the pitting edema sticky pads do not require adhesive to stick to a manikin or standardized patient and can be removed easily without leaving residue.
Sticky Wound Kit
Made entirely of MedicGel for a lifelike appearance, Medicor sticky wounds are able to stick to any surface without adhesive. These simulation enhancements can be applied to manikins and standardized patients alike, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly moulage. The wounds also last longer than custom moulage, as their high durability prevents color fading. If you want to customize and/or extend the wounds, moulage can be applied without risk of staining. Medicor sticky wounds can be removed easily and do not leave residue behind, simplifying maintenance. Kits come in varying sizes.
Sticky Wound Foreign Body: Set of 5
Includes glass, knife, nail, sinus and fish hook wounds. This set of five includes one of each wound type. However, a 10 pack, featuring two of each wound type as well as individual foreign body sticky wounds and other foreign body sticky wound types, is available for purchase.

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