Adult patient simulation


Deliver an immersive prepartum and postpartum training experience with this advanced maternal simulator designed for everything from everyday care to difficult deliveries

Meet Lucina

Lucina delivers an all-in-one simulation experience. Designed to demonstrate both gravid and non-gravid scenarios, this wireless manikin comes with a fetus to teach proper prepartum, labor, delivery and postpartum care as well as a nongravid abdomen for clinical situations unrelated to maternity.

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Alter eyelids, pupils, and sclera with CAE SymEyes

Voice Communication

2-way voice communication


Advanced interior and posterior lung sounds


Chest compressions compliant with AHA and ERC guidelines


IV catheterization insertions


Gravid abdomen with fetal heart sounds. Non-gravid abdomen with bowel sounds


Flexion and extension in the knees and legs with abduction and adduction hips


Deliver normal and emergency childbirth care

Integrated with maternal-fetal physiological modeling, Lucina automatically reacts to medical interventions; the baby cries upon delivery and senses the amount of force applied to its neck. Lucina supports pregnancy conditions such as breech delivery, shoulder dystocia, and postpartum hemorrhage. Additional equipment is available to help teach the all-fours birthing position. Complete with advanced features and multiple simulated clinical experiences, Lucina helps learners:

check mark Evaluate anterior and posterior lung sounds
check mark Witness realistic uterine contractions
check mark Monitor vital signs and maternal data
check mark Hear the fetal heartbeat
check mark Cut and clamp umbilical cords
check mark Control postpartum bleeding and uterine inversions
check mark Perform CPR and analyze metrics

Enhance human factors performance

Labor and delivery scenarios often require assistance from various healthcare providers—and with Lucina, every necessary health professional is covered, resulting in a true interprofessional education (IPE) experience for learners.

General practitioners

Detect normal and abnormal maternal-fetal vitals with authentic heart, lung and fetal sounds.


Train to care for true-to-life pregnancy scenarios with realistic birth canal, uterine contractions, fetus rotations and post-partum options.


Irrigate and suction using Sharpen skills on various birthing positions and the McRoberts maneuver for shoulder dystocia. fluids to care for and maintain three ostomy sites.
Product Enhancements

Augment your simulation training

Microsoft HoloLens 2
Expand training with Microsoft HoloLens 2. The world’s first augmented reality childbirth simulator, LucinaAR, can be paired with the Lucina manikin or used as a standalone tool to increase the understanding of childbirth and postpartum, improve knowledge through repeated self-paced learning and educate learners using minimal space.
Pair Maestro with Lucina to help broaden the curriculum. With modeled physiology, learners can witness automated patient behaviors and responses.
Medicor Sticky Wound Kit
Medicor sticky wounds, which can simulate varying stages of ulcers, abrasions, cuts, gunshots and burns, are made entirely of MedicGel for a lifelike appearance. Able to stick to any surface without adhesive, these simulation enhancements can be applied to manikins and standardized patients alike, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly moulage.

Increase realism and prolong the lifespan of your patient simulator with a curated selection of Medicor products. Packed with comprehensive skills trainers and simulation enhancements, learners can practice medical emergencies with durable accessories before performing tests on the patient simulator manikin.

The curated selection for Lucina includes:
Caesarean Incision
Pitting Edema Sticky Pads
Hemorrhoid and Episiotomy Model
Peripheral Intraveous (IV) Catheterization Hand
Infant Foot: Screening Test

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