Adult patient simulation


A patient simulator designed to enhance and improve clinical nursing skills, from task training to advanced patient care

Meet Juno

Juno is a mid-fidelity simulator designed to offer comprehensive training for clinical nursing skills, including tracheostomy, ostomy and oral care.

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Explore Juno



Eye and ear irrigation


Nasogastric tube insertion and gastric gavage with fluids


Removable dentures for oral care


Tracheostomy tube placement and suctioning


Full range of motion in shoulders, elbows, wrist, hips, knees and ankles. Capable of sitting upright at a 90-degree angle.

Upper Abdomen

Tracheostomy tube placement and suctioning

Lower Abdomen

Equipped with three separate reservoirs: urinary, gastric and enema


Interchangeable genitalia


Preset moulage wound pucks


Explore basic and advanced clinical nursing skills

With a wide-range of realistic articulation, Juno can sit upright at a full 90-degree angle. Add to the realism of conflicting patient priorities by running synchronized simulations on multiple Juno manikins simultaneously. This wireless and tetherless mid-fidelity manikin is ideal for:

check mark Fluid administration (eyes and ears)
check mark Intramuscular injections
check mark Care and maintenance of: - Nasogastric tubes - Chest tubes - Stomas - Tracheostomies
check mark Intravenous insertions

Preparing tomorrow’s clinicians today

Mobile and easy to use, Juno expands learning opportunities for various clinical situations.

Moulage magic

Buy pucks that already feature relevant (and realistic) moulage, saving you time and money.

Oral care

Learn proper oral hygiene, including removing Juno’s bottom teeth to practice denture care.

Ostomy practice

Irrigate and suction using real fluids to care for and maintain three ostomy sites.
Product Enhancements

Augment your simulation training

Enhance training with SimEquip. Using our portfolio of simulated medical equipment, learners can receive hands-on training for resuscitation, ventilation and anesthesia. This connection also allows learners to practice monitoring a patient, interpreting data and troubleshooting issues.
Electronic Package
Upgrade Juno by adding an electronic package that includes a pulse and non-invasive blood pressure arm with unilateral radial and brachial pulses, heart, lung and bowel sounds to detect normal and abnormal functions, as well as a tablet to access instructor-driven software, Maestro.
Increase diversity in simulations with Medicor geriatric mask. The partial mask design provides for easy addition and removal. Most importantly, the geriatric mask prepares healthcare professionals to care for the aging population through realistic simulation training.

Increase realism and prolong the lifespan of your patient simulator with a curated selection of Medicor products. Packed with comprehensive skills trainers and simulation enhancements, learners can practice medical emergencies with durable accessories before performing tests on the patient simulator manikin.

The curated selection for Juno includes:
Geriatric Mask
Sticky Wound Kit 6 PC
Pitting Edema Sticky Pads
Injectable Abdomen with Protection Plate and Belt
Peripheral Intravenous (IV) Catheterization Arm

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