Adult patient simulation


A multipurpose patient simulator for the development of prehospital and nursing skills

Meet Apollo

Discover a full spectrum of healthcare scenarios with Apollo. Available in two configurations (prehospital and nursing), this high-fidelity adult patient simulator accelerates learning, decreases time to proficiency and increases debriefing efficacy through automated and relevant patient responses.

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Explore Apollo

Available in two skin tones


Anatomically accurate oral cavity and realistic airway. Head tilt, chin lift, jaw thrust.


Blinking and reactive pupils with multiple settings


Hand placement detection (CPR)




Bilateral corotid, brachial, radial, femoral, popliteal, and dorsalis pedis pulses


Chest compressions compliant with AHA CPR requirements and 2021 ERC guidelines.


Heart, bowel and breath sounds (anterior and posterior) independently controlled


Realistic joint articulation in neck, shoulders, elbows, arms, hips and knees


Take prehospital and nursing care to unprecedented levels

Built with powerful features to enhance medical training, this wireless and tetherless adult manikin uses Elevate Healthcare modeled physiology to automatically trigger patient behaviors and actions, including:

check mark Blinking
check mark Reactive pupils
check mark Tongue swelling
check mark Bleeding and fluid drainage
check mark Bilateral pulses
check mark Uni- and bilateral chest expansion
check mark Lung and heart sounds
check mark Abdominal distension

Adaptable patient care

Apollo has been field-tested by thousands of customers around the world and is recognized for its realism, relevance, versatility and reliability.

Apollo Prehospital

Real equipment

The use of actual airway equipment, cardiac monitors and electrical therapy creates a true-to-life experience.

Lifesaving lessons

Realistic skin, facial movements and airway conditions prepare learners to assess and address respiratory complications.

Blood bank

Bleeding from upper and lower extremities enhances trauma training and care.

Apollo Nursing

Interchangeable genitalia

The ability to change genders expands urinary catheterization training.

IV Aaccess

Various veins, valves and access points create realistic conditions to learn and practice proper IV sizing and placement.

Trach training

Tracheostomy care includes suctioning the tube and removing secretions to ensure the patient airway.
Product Enhancements

Augment your simulation training

Add Medicor sticky wounds to enhance the learning experience. Able to stick to any surface adhesive-free, these simulation enhancements mimic varying stages of ulcers, abrasions, cuts, gunshots and burns.
Pair Apollo with Maestro to help broaden the curriculum. Learners can witness automated patient behaviors and responses through modeled physiology.
Enhance training with SimEquip. Using our portfolio of simulated medical equipment, learners can receive hands-on training for resuscitation, ventilation and anesthesia. This connection also allows learners to practice monitoring a patient, interpreting data and troubleshooting issues.

Increase realism and prolong the lifespan of your patient simulator with a curated selection of Medicor products. Packed with comprehensive skills trainers and simulation enhancements, learners can practice medical emergencies with durable accessories before performing tests on the patient simulator manikin.

The curated selection for Apollo Nursing includes: The curated selection for Apollo Prehospital includes:
Sticky Wound Kit 6 PC Stop the Bleed Arm
Fine Skin Rash Sticky Wounds (Qty. 2) Sticky Wound Foreign Body: Set of 5
Pitting Edema Sticky Pads Fine Skin Rash Sticky Wounds (Qty. 2)
Injectable Abdomen with Protection Plate and Belt Pitting Edema Sticky Pads
Peripheral Intravenous (IV) Catheterization Arm Ecchymosis Sticky Wounds (Qty. 2)
Set of 4 6x3 burn sticky wounds Set of 4 6x3 burn sticky wounds
Peripheral Intravenous (IV) Catheterization Arm

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