Pediatric Patient Simulation


Deliver acute, critical and chronic pediatric care

Meet Aria

Aria, our high-fidelity pediatric manikin, addresses the special challenges of pediatric patient care. Refresh learners’ reflexes and enhance their response times with a manikin designed to develop critical decision-making skills and support life-saving pediatric certifications. Using Aria can reduce medical errors, improve performance and enhance care delivery.

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SymEyes with realistic blinking, eye panning and light-reactive pupils


Anatomically accurate oral cavity and realistic airway. Head tild, chin lift, jaw thrust.



Upper Chest

Pain response via sternal rub


Chest compressions complant with AHA CPR requirements. CPR real-time quality feedback and reporting.

Lower Chest

Visible chest rise during bag-valve-mask ventilation, Unilateral chest rise and lung sounds with right main stem

Upper Abdomen

Non-invasive blood pressure (BP) with Korotkoff sounds


Abdominal distension with esophageal intubation


Realistic joint articulation in neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees


Deliver acute, critical and chronic pediatric care

With 10 included simulated clinical experiences, Aria supports training for some of the most common and emotionally charged pediatric emergencies, from an accidental overdose to a gunshot wound. Students and practicing professionals can make assessments, apply clinical decision-making and provide medical interventions in a risk-free environment, so they’re ready for the real thing.

Simulating a 7-year-old child, Aria offers interchangeable gender, 60 vocal expressions and sounds, an advanced airway and neurological features, all of which enable students and clinicians to:

check mark Assess verbal cues, like confusion, anxiety, stress and pain
check mark Learn airway management skills
check mark Conduct neurological evaluations
check mark Train for pediatric emergencies as if they were really happening

Lifelike care in any situation

Wireless and tetherless, Aria can be put into realistic and relevant training situations, like a home or ambulance. That means learners stay in the moment, wherever that may be.

Academic programs

Reduce the need for pediatric clinical sites by leveraging Aria’s lifelike responses in a risk-free environment

General/children’s hospitals

Maintain lifesaving pediatric certifications by using Aria to refresh the skills and reflexes of nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals

Emergency medical services

Learn proper assessment, transport, handoffs and pediatric responses
Product Enhancements

Augment your simulation training

Experience realistic CPR performance. Software detects hand placement, rate and depth of compressions, recoil, ventilation-to-compression ratio.
Connect SymDefib box with a real defibrillator monitor and witness real electric therapy for defibrillation, cardioversion and pacing of Aria.
Create a realistic experience with StethoSym. This device allows learners to auscultate clear heart, lung and bowel sounds from Aria.

Increase realism and prolong the lifespan of your patient simulator with a curated selection of Medicor products. Packed with comprehensive skills trainers and simulation enhancements, learners can practice medical emergencies with durable accessories before performing tests on the patient simulator manikin.

The curated selection for Aria includes:
Set of 4 6x3 burn sticky wounds
Fine Skin Rash Sticky Wounds (Qty. 2)
Ecchymosis Sticky Wound (Qty. 2)
Pediatric Injectable Abdomen, Belt, Protect Plate

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