Center Management


A customizable, fully scalable all-in-one solution that streamlines and simplifies key simulation center management activities

Meet LearningSpace

From a basic debriefing solution to a full-scale center management system, LearningSpace is a simulation management platform offering three tiers to suit any simulation center. With hardware and cloud-based options, LearningSpace supports your center while simplifying your daily processes.

As your educational program evolves, LearningSpace provides scalability within one platform that can grow from a one-room simulation center to an interconnected, multi-room center with full audiovisual, scheduling management and assessment features. With the right tools curated for your center, you’re always in control of your setup.

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center management

Your sim center managed your way

Choose from three tiers of software options to complement your needs.


LearningSpace Experience is a simplified system for intelligent capture and debrief. The user-friendly system allows clinical teams to practice new safety protocols and gain instant feedback.


With customizable and automated reporting, checklists, and notification tools, LearningSpace Essentials is easy-to-use software with multi-room capability. Conveniently schedule, pre-brief, record and debrief anywhere, from a computer, laptop or mobile device.


Engineered to offer an enriched experience, LearningSpace Enterprise delivers scalable, video-driven improvement throughout your entire training environment. From a single room to a multi-campus installation, capture team training and individual practice.

Explore more options with LearningSpace Enterprise

Standardized Patient Administration
Onboard and schedule standardized patients with the SPA application. Use the companion mobile app for increased visibility of training plans and scheduling.
Cloud-based Lite
Go hardware-free with Enterprise Lite, a cloud-based solution for simulation management, providing tools to meet your remote simulation training needs.
Inventory Manager
Efficiently manage inventory across multiple locations based on usage and consumption while maximizing time and resources by logging inventory with barcodes.