Ultrasound Simulation


An ultrasound simulator that accelerates the development of psychomotor and cognitive skills for probe handling, image interpretation, diagnosis and decision-making

Meet Vimedix

With enhanced animation for realistic ultrasound training, Vimedix combines in-person and remote practice so you can reach your learners wherever they are. Through live learning, recorded sessions and self-directed activities offered by Vimedix, you can customize imaging curriculum and track students’ progress over time.

Easily integrate imedix with video-conferencing platforms and open the door to remote learning. Learners can use their computer mouse to practice basic ultrasound techniques through interactive, web-based workshops before beginning hands-on education.

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Three configurations. Thousands of possibilities.

Choose from three specializations to educate your learners.
Wide range of general imaging pathologies, including FAST, eFAST and COVID lung cases available in the base model. Add on cardiac packages for a more robust training curriculum.
Broad selection of cardiac pathologies available with transthoracic or transesophageal probes or combine them for progressive training scenarios. Expand learning capacity by adding on additional abdominal pathologies with a curvilinear transducer.
Complete maternal anatomy and extensive selection of gynecology, including first- and second-trimester pathologies. Learn with the curvilinear probe and add on the transvaginal probe for advanced learning.

Discover how Vimedix is making waves in ultrasound education

3D/4D cardiac scans and multiplanar reconstruction (MPR)

The first ultrasound simulator to offer volumetric scanning in real-time with detailed views of the normal heart and advanced pathologies.

Enhanced instructional content

Redesigned instructional content for better curriculum integration and user flexibility.

Self-directed learning

With a range of instructional content, such as ICCU lectures and target cut planes, students tailor their user experiences for optimal learning.

One-platform training

Easily toggle between cardiac, pulmonary, abdominal and OB-GYN modalities for a comprehensive ultrasound learning experience.

Validated performance metrics

Integrated performance metrics allow faculty to track students’ progress over time.

TGAUS/TEE training exercises

Invaluable diagnostic and monitoring guidelines on cardiac, pulmonary and abdominal structures.
Product Enhancements

Upgrade your ultrasound learning with add-on features

Microsoft HoloLens 2
Pair Vimedix with Microsoft HoloLens 2 for even more immersive learning. VimedixAR uses augmented reality to create a three-dimensional panoramic image of the anatomy and structures to accelerate learning and retention.
Preprogrammed three-button foot pedal
Maximize your time with the addition of a preprogrammed three-button foot pedal providing hands-free operation of selected controls. The pedal can also be customized to use ultrasound controls your way.
Add pathologies to enhance your existing curriculum. Modules and packages are available for each configuration, characterizing many diagnostic scenarios, ranging from trauma and non-trauma to critical care.

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