Ultrasound Skills Trainers

Blue Phantom

Ultrasound skills trainers that bridge the gap between theory and practice using diagnostic imaging

Meet Blue Phantom

Made with patented materials to match the feel of human tissue, our ultrasound trainers perform seamlessly with any ultrasound system for enhanced realism. Blue Phantom features over 50 training models designed to help learners understand and practice diagnosing and directing treatment for a wide variety of conditions.

Using self-healing Simulex™ tissue, each model can endure at least 1,000 needle sticks. With a model for every specialty, healthcare professionals can incorporate Blue Phantom into their training programs to improve expertise.


Blue Phantom spans many ultrasound specialties

Blue Phantom spans many ultrasound specialties, including:

check mark Abdominal imaging
check mark Cardiology
check mark Emergency medicine
check mark Interventional procedures
check mark Musculoskeletal
check mark OB-GYN
check mark Small parts imaging (breast, thyroid)
check mark Vascular access and regional anesthesia

Upgrade your ultrasound expertise

With Blue Phantom, learners can practice a wide range of ultrasound scenarios with best-in-class models.


Perform procedures repeatedly with self-healing simulated skin.


Experience the same acoustic characteristics as human tissue.


Use any diagnostic ultrasound system to incorporate ultrasound training into your existing programs.
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Central Line Ultrasound Training Model
This model is excellent for using traditional external landmarks for blind insertion central line placement or ultrasound to guide the central venous access procedure. The brachial plexus can be injected with simulated anesthetics to verify needle-tip location and to practice the entire anesthesia procedure. Injected simulated anesthetic fluid is expelled, allowing for repeated use.
Thyroid Biopsy Ultrasound Training Block
Use this model to develop, practice and maintain the skills necessary to perform ultrasound-guided fine-needle biopsies of the thyroid gland. Learn to use ultrasound system controls, position and move the transducer, recognize the thyroid and surrounding structural anatomy, identify a variety of masses present in the thyroid gland, use ultrasound system calculation packages, and target the lesions for fine-needle biopsies.
MSK Knee Ultrasound Training Model
Teach, learn and practice the skills associated with joint injections and aspirations of the knee. This model replicates the tendons and ligaments of the knee to offer a truly lifelike training environment. Learn and practice the psychomotor skills associated with ultrasound-guided, or blind insertion of knee injections and aspirations associated with osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis.

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