Custom Industry Solutions

Leverage our team of experts to create customized simulation-based educational solutions for your medical products and services

Trusted by industry leaders for cutting-edge simulation solutions that redefine medical training

Why choose Custom Industry Solutions?
Realism Excellence
Unparalleled realism via innovative physics and physiology, harnessing AR and VR.
Comprehensive Suite
Partnerships and versatile tools including interventional cardiology, ultrasound and patient simulators.
Strategic Partnerships
Enhanced offerings through impactful partnerships with industry leaders.

Empowering Medtech Companies and Societies Alike

We revolutionize how sales & clinical education teams interact with clinicians.
For clinicians

We revolutionize how sales & clinical education teams interact with clinicians.

Consistent Engagement 
Enable sales & clinical education to connect effectively, providing product demonstrations and a compelling value proposition.

Advanced Product Demonstrations
Demonstrate product functionality and benefits over competitors in an impactful manner.

Safe and Realistic Training
Train physicians on unique cases with unparalleled realism, ensuring safe and sustainable learning.

Innovative continuing education solutions.
For medical societies

Innovative continuing education solutions.

We provide comprehensive solutions enabling societies to deliver continuous medical education credits consistently, affordably, and engagingly to their members.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Constantly enhancing training effectiveness through pioneering research and product development.