An educational ecosystem that teaches learners how to treat patients, handle critical situations and reduce medical mistakes

Simulation is one of the most effective and risk-free ways to prepare healthcare practitioners for the moments that matter.

At Elevate Healthcare, we provide an ecosystem of integrated, simulation-based healthcare-education solutions that teach learners how to treat patients, handle critical situations and, most importantly, reduce errors.

Our suite of solutions accelerates learning, increases patient safety, enhances training and improves patient care.

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The problem?
American deaths a year due to medical errors
$20 billion
Cost of medical errors annually
Leading cause of death after heart disease, cancer and COVID-19

Financing and Leasing

We understand that you may need financial support in order to secure the right products and services for your organization. If you are looking for financing or leasing options that will allow you to reduce your initial investment and spread your payments over time, please reach out to one of our preferred financing partners.

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