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Practice human performance factors with lifelike patient simulators supported by real and simulated medical equipment

In 2005, wife and mom of two Elaine Bromily died during a routine medical procedure.

The reason? Her technically skilled, experienced medical team, working in a fully equipped operating room, lacked the necessary human-factors-skills to address the complication. Use our suite of anesthesia-focused solutions to practice teamwork, task distribution, situational awareness and communication.

[Source: Airline pilot vowed to improve NHS safety culture after his wife′s death - Wales Online]

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Our Anesthesia Solutions

Human Patient Simulator (HPS)

Built to respond to anesthesia and medical gases, HPS can connect to real medical monitors and automatically respond to the administration of real anesthetic gasses, oxygen therapy and medications.

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SimEquip Anesthesia

Boost the learning experience with or without a patient simulator, using SimEquip Anesthesia. Practice operating an anesthesia machine, monitoring patients and interpreting data with a system that mirrors real medical equipment.

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Blue Phantom

Designed to match the acoustic characteristics of human tissue, Blue Phantom is compatible with any diagnostic ultrasound imaging system and can endure repeated procedures, thanks to self-healing tissue. Use the various products, from nerve blocks to epidural training models, to practice ultrasound-guided or blind insertion techniques.

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Anesthesia SimSTAT

Experience engaging, high-fidelity scenarios in a virtual setting with Anesthesia SimSTAT. Developed in collaboration with the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), this software-based interface prepares users for the Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesia (MOCA) exam by delivering screen-based simulation scenarios based on real patient encounters.

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