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Maestro Evolve

Instructor-led virtual learning that delivers realistic clinical education, regardless of learner location

Meet Maestro Evolve

Deliver powerful simulation training with Maestro Evolve, an interactive virtual learning platform with unlimited possibilities for innovative instruction and content development. Teach learners using a virtual patient, complete with preprogrammed simulated clinical experiences (SCE) and medical equipment that displays real-time signs and signals.

Each SCE includes a patient history, SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation) report, learning objectives, a facilitator’s guide, debriefing questions and more. Powered by Elevate Healthcare’s unparalleled physiology engine, Elevate HealthcareMaestro Evolve offers the most realistic, adaptive and customized distance learning experience available to help prepare clinicians to manage patients.

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Digital Solutions

Deliver realistic simulation anywhere

Engage learners

Launch instructor-led group learning that mirrors on-site, simulator-based experiences.

Configure cases

Adapt the virtual patient’s condition to fit each lesson, with automatically responsive physiology.

Expand education options

Supplement your curriculum to train on a variety of specialties, including anesthesia, respiratory and trauma.

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