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Diagnose and treat complex cardiovascular cases with realistic simulation solutions

Cardiac emergencies can affect an entire family. Just ask our chief medical officer, Dr. Stefan Monk.

When his wife suffered a myocardial infarction shortly after the birth of their first child, an unsuccessful treatment could have changed their lives forever. Fortunately, his wife recovered, thanks to her skilled medical team. Today, Dr. Monk uses his experience to enhance the quality of care for learners and practitioners using Elevate Healthcare solutions. Use our cardiac simulation products to help learners master the core skills of diagnosing and treating cardiovascular conditions.

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Our Cardiology Solutions


With state-of-the-art features, such as true physics-based wire and catheter interactions as well as easy-to-design and -share customized curricula, CathLabVR is the perfect solution to practice common to complex cardiology cases. From educational content to realistic tools, CathLabVR is equipped with everything needed to master the core skills of percutaneous coronary intervention procedures.

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With enhanced animation for realistic ultrasound training, Vimedix combines in-person and remote practice that reaches your learners wherever they are. A robust selection of cardiac pathologies is available with transthoracic or transesophageal probes, or combine them for progressive training scenarios.

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Blue Phantom

Strengthen echocardiography proficiency with Blue Phantom, the premier ultrasound skills trainers. Using ultrasound system controls, learners can develop and practice inserting and manipulating a transesophageal transducer; positioning and moving a transthoracic transducer; recognizing cardiac structures; and performing ultrasound-guided pericardiocentesis procedures. Learners can also practice identifying other anatomical structures, including lung and rib artifacts as well as guiding needles and catheters into the pericardial space.

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SimEquip Defibrillator

SimEquip helps expand the complexity of simulated clinical experiences in prehospital and in-hospital settings. Use the SimEquip Defibrillator to deliver electrical therapy, monitor patients and interpret data. It is also available as a transport defibrillator for portable use.

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Clinical Digital Learning

Learn how to perform both primary and focused assessments of a patient experiencing complications from a myocardial injury in a hospital setting. The learner will identify problems and provide the best-known, evidence-based interventions and therapeutics to care for the patient.

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