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Respiratory Therapy

Digital learning focused on understanding basic and advanced principles of mechanical ventilation

A form of life support, mechanical ventilation is one of many tools used to treat patients who can’t breathe on their own.

Ensure learners are ready to handle these complex cases with online learning they can take anytime, anywhere through our digital learning management system.

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Our Respiratory Therapy Solutions

Basic Mechanical Ventilation

Learn the basics of mechanical ventilation with this online learning module that covers mechanical ventilation modes, I:E ratio, compliance, oxygenation and ventilation.

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Advanced Mechanical Ventilation

Understand the complex nature of respiration with this online course focused on the theories and principles of complex ventilatory modes and how sedation impacts mechanical ventilation.

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Ventilation Management for the COVID-19 Patient

This module focuses on teaching clinical professionals how to manage mechanical ventilation for a COVID-19 patient, focusing on the challenges and the corresponding ventilation types that should be considered.

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