Streamline Simulation Scenario Management

Meet SimCreate

Unlock the full potential of scenario creation and management with SimCreate, an expert application to easily author your simulation content. This cutting-edge platform offers a suite of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of healthcare organizations and educational institutions. From collaborative editing and customizable templates to centralized scenario libraries and robust version control, SimCreate empowers users to streamline their workflow, ensure consistency and enhance efficiency.

With SimCreate, you're not just managing scenarios; you're elevating your simulation experience.

Ideal for educators seeking a modern solution to scenario creation, SimCreate provides a seamless transition from traditional document-based methods to a digital platform. Its compatibility with manikins from both Elevate Healthcare and other manufacturers ensures versatility and accessibility, while its intuitive interface simplifies the management of simulation resources.


Leverage Cutting-Edge Scenario Authoring

An all-in-one solutions for simulation design and collaboration

Centralized Scenario Library

Create a centralized library for all your simulation scenarios, allowing seamless collaboration among teams. Say goodbye to scattered resources and hello to streamlined workflow.

Workflow Management

Simplify scenario development with intuitive workflows. Move seamlessly from draft to sign-off and publication stages, ensuring quality and consistency every step of the way.

Pre-Built Content

Choose from a selection of 20 pre-built scenarios from our SCE catalog, with the flexibility to jumpstart your simulation projects with expertly crafted content.

Customizable Templates

Tailor scenarios to your exact simulation needs with detailed templates. Whether it's manikin-based, standardized patients (SP), task trainer, or hybrid scenarios, SimCreate has you covered. Easily incorporate checklists for added efficiency and accuracy.

AI-Assisted Scenario Import

Easily transition from document-based scenarios with an AI-assisted scenario import tool that supports free-text formats such as docx and pdf, making the transition smooth and efficient.

Effortless Integration

SimCreate goes beyond scenario creation by seamlessly integrating with our Maestro-driven simulators and LearningSpace. Export scenarios effortlessly and associate checklists with OSCEs for enhanced simulation preparation and execution.

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