Clinical Specialties

Emergency & Trauma

When every moment matters, make sure every second counts by using training solutions designed to maximize time, minimize errors and drive skills competency

Simulated scenarios play a significant role in ensuring first responders are ready for any situation, whether it’s a combat casualty or hit and run.

Our suite of simulation-based, emergency-focused products immerses learners into the sights, sounds and stress of high-risk situations, where every minute can mean the difference between life and death. Use these products to ensure readiness, encourage collaboration and enforce high-quality communication.

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Our Emergency & Trauma Solutions


Built on a proven platform, Apollo has been field tested by thousands of customers around the world who have demonstrated this manikin is designed to withstand the rigors of trauma training. One of two configurations, Apollo prehospital features an advanced airway, CPR performance metrics and trauma fluids.

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This mid-fidelity manikin provides a top-tier training experience to help students and practicing professionals prepare to manage traumas. Its muscle injection sites, realistic breathing system and difficult airway make it ideal for teaching, learning and practicing critical emergency-care skills.

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Blue Phantom

Learn how to leverage point-of-care ultrasound to quickly and accurately diagnose medical conditions in emergency settings using our suite of simulators for diagnostic imaging. With these realistic ultrasound trainers, learners can practice everything from identifying and manipulating fractured bones to administering Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma exams.

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Explore our extensive selection of skills trainers focused on ensuring high-quality patient care in emergency situations. Learners can practice treating and triaging bleeding with our Stopping the Bleed arm or assessing and addressing wounds, while instructors and simulation directors will appreciate the realism, relevance and reliability of the Medicor product line.

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SimEquip Transport Defibrillator

Bring realism to critical-care-transport training with SimEquip, simulated medical equipment designed for prehospital (and in-hospital) care. Use the portable defibrillator in the field to deliver electrical therapy, monitor patients and interpret data. Then transfer to standard equipment post patient hand-off.

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SimEquip Transport Ventilator

Teach, learn and practice the art of transporting and transferring a critical patient with SimEquip. This simulated, portable ventilator is designed so learners can configure and operate equipment, deliver effective patient care and troubleshoot any issues. The portability adds realism and relevance.

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Strategic Operations Trauma Trainers

Realism reigns with the trauma training line from Strategic Operations Inc. As a worldwide distributor of these products, Elevate Healthcare offers the emergency medical services/tactical combat casualty care suite, the six-in-one trainer and blast trousers to support point-of-injury triage, en-route treatment and surgical intervention.

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