Simulation Enhancements

Strategic Operations (STOPS)

Master traumatic injury and casualty care with authentic surgical cut suits

Strategic Operations (STOPS)

Learn to assess and address severe traumas with Strategic Operations (STOPS) products, distributed exclusively by Elevate Healthcare. These medical simulation devices prepare medical and non-medical learners to treat patients on the scene, on the way and at the hospital.

With repairable skin and organs, STOPS products can be used repeatedly to practice treating the primary causes of death on the battlefield, such as:

  • Excessive blood loss
  • Airway complications
  • Tension pneumothorax

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Preparing clinicians for stressful encounters

Simulating extreme physical trauma scenarios, the STOPS product line includes:

check mark Surgical Cut Suit
check mark 6-in-1 Trainer
check mark Blood Pumping System (BPS)
check mark Blast Trousers
check mark Hyper-Realistic Moulage Kit (HRMK)
check mark TCCC/EMS Cut Suit
check mark TCCC Advanced Moulage Kit (TAMK)
check mark Multi-Junctional Bleed Trainer (MJBT)

Simulation meets special effects

Designed to simulate life-threatening situations, STOPS products have realistic features that teach learners to safely perform real procedures.

Hemorrhage Control

Practice reducing or eliminating rapid bleeding to increase the chances of a patient’s survival.

Needle Thoracentesis

Learn to remove fluid or air from around a patient’s lungs during traumatic situations.

Exploratory Surgery

Create superficial incisions to perform surgery on organs, such as the lungs, heart and abdomen.
Product Enhancements

Explore a range of possibilities

Surgical Cut Suit
Practice hemorrhage control, organ incision suture techniques, laparotomy, abdominal exploration and more with STOPS surgical cut suit, which features interchangeable organs with various wound patterns.
6-in-1 Trainer
Composed of a hyper-realistic anatomy and mimicking the head and upper torso of a male or female, the 6-in-1 trainer features repairable skin and replaceable training pucks.
Blood Pumping System
Simulate arterial and venous hemorrhage with the blood pumping system (BPS). The hyper-realistic training system can be worn by patients and allows four simultaneous bleeds.
Blast Trousers
Replicate life-threatening bleeding at the lower body region. With a life-like appearance and feel, the Blast Trousers simulate blast injuries that begin above the knees and continue to just below the naval.

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