Clinical Specialties


Medical manikins and simulation products designed to develop clinical skills and core competencies

Nurses provide skilled attention that is foundational to all of healthcare.

Help ensure they’re ready for whatever comes, with a product portfolio designed to develop the unique skills they’ll need, whether they’re providing care in the operating room, at an outpatient clinic or on the frontlines.

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Our Nursing Solutions


Built on a proven platform, Apollo has been field tested by thousands of customers around the world who have confirmed this manikin is designed to deliver high-quality clinical training. One of two configurations, Apollo Nursing features tracheostomy care, central-line infusion/maintenance and gastric lavage/gavage.

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Designed for emergency-care training, Ares can also be used to support nursing-skills development with an advanced airway, CPR analysis, IV fluids and urinary catheterization.

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Juno supports clinical-skills development, with the ability for learners to irrigate the eyes and ears with real fluids, administer intravenous fluids, suction the airway, care for an ostomy, perform urinary catheterization and administer enemas.

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Master the fundamentals of patient care and nursing skills with Medicor, a full line of skills trainers meant to increase competence and confidence. Practice everything from wound care and suture removals to IV insertions and urinary catheterization using this broad portfolio of durable and realistic trainers.

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SimEquip Defibrillator

Practice delivering electrical therapy and monitoring patients in advanced resuscitation scenarios. Use this simulated medical equipment with or without a patient simulator.

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SimEquip Ventilator

Examine various breathing conditions and monitor ventilated patients for respiratory-care training. Use with or without a patient simulator.

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Clinical Digital Learning

Take your training on the road, with virtual learning focused on developing and testing core nursing competencies. Courses span the spectrum, from caring for a patient suffering from a myocardial infarction to managing a primary-care-clinic patient with chronic disease.

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PNCI Learning Modules

Elevate Healthcare’s Program for Nursing Curriculum Integration offers turnkey patient simulation aligned to nursing education competencies, including assessment, fundamentals, medical-surgical, high acuity, chronic/community, obstetrics, pediatrics and infants. The 65 evidence-based Simulated Clinical Experiences were designed to operate with our patient simulators but can be used with other medical manikins as well.

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Maestro Embody

Maestro Embody is a self-directed learning platform perfect for students completing coursework. Featuring 20 simulated clinical experiences from Elevate Healthcare’s Program for Nursing Curriculum Integration, Maestro Embody is the ideal complement to physical simulation and provides additional learning opportunities.

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