Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight

Anderson College of Health Business and Technology Utilizes Elevate Healthcare’s Ultrasound Simulator to Score Hands-On Training

Anderson College
of Health, Business and Technology
Simulation is essential to prepare learners for real-world clinical situations.
Tailoring simulation tools to your needs leads to impactful data-driven results.
The right simulator sets learners up for success in clinical rotations.

The Mission

Located in Toronto, Canada, Anderson College of Health, Business and Technology is on a mission to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world clinical experiences.

This includes providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as proficient ultrasound technologists, uphold excellence in patient care and understand diagnostic imaging.

“Our diagnostic medical sonography program is dedicated to using our state-of-the-art ultrasound simulation lab and ultrasound system to train students, “explains Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) Program Chair, John Lai. “We provide opportunities to put theory into practice during our scan lab activities while preparing students for their practicum experience with clinical partner sites.”
John Lai
John Lai
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) Program Chair

The Problem

Though the option to train students using conventional ultrasound machines was readily available on campus, the experience would primarily entail practicing scans on normal anatomy without the exposure to diverse pathology recognition and diagnostic skills development.

John underscores the limited availability of realistic hands-on scanning opportunities in obstetrics and gynecology, notably posed a challenge in critical aspects such as second trimester anatomy and endovaginal exams, which impeded students' preparedness before entering clinical rotations.

The Solution

Mimicking clinical scenarios as close as possible in simulation training is paramount to prepare students on how to handle real situations with confidence and competence – and a significant factor that John says pushed Anderson College to acquire CAE Healthcare’s high-fidelity ultrasound simulator, Vimedix.

"Vimedix provides an immersive experience for our students, allowing them to practice scanning techniques on lifelike simulators early in their training,” explains John. “It has become an integral part of our training program, preparing students effectively for clinical rotations."

Within its diverse range of abdominal learning modules, Vimedix provides students with the opportunity to refine their scanning techniques on normal anatomy while also honing their ability to identify abnormalities in ultrasound images, encompassing conditions such as hepatoma, gallstones, and various other prevalent pathologies.

Through its comprehensive suite of OB-GYN learning modules, Vimedix affords students the opportunity to practice scanning normal and pathological obstetric anatomy, conduct transabdominal and endovaginal scans, and adeptly identify various pathologies commonly encountered during clinical practicums.

The Results

"The integration of Vimedix into our simulation program has significantly enhanced the quality of ultrasound education, enabling us to provide an immersive and effective learning experience for our students,” explains John. " Vimedix's high-fidelity simulators deliver indispensable scanning experience and feedback, enabling students to hone their skills and ensuring comprehensive readiness for varied clinical scenarios."

To confirm program effectiveness, regular assessments are conducted to understand specific needs of students, instructors, and clinical partners. Steps are also taken to stay aligned with industry standards and best practices in healthcare before being incorporated into the curriculum to meet training expectations.

This level of hands-on experience provides vital preparation, enhancing students' confidence and proficiency in real-world scenarios.

What’s Next for Anderson College?

At present, Anderson College does not have a cardiac curriculum, but there are plans to launch a separate echocardiography program dedicated to cardiac ultrasound, where Vimedix cardiac pathologies will come in handy.

The institution also plans to create new waves of learning by adding an ultrasound bridging program for international-trained physicians.

The Power of Simulation

Harnessing the power of simulation opens doors to a safe and controlled training environment, allowing learners to practice realistic clinical scenarios without the risks of real-world consequences.

This training technique provides crucial interactive experience, which encourages skill enhancement and the ability to effectively problem solve for the moments that matter most.