Virtual Product Demos

Juno Nursing and Apollo Nursing Simulator

Duration: 1 hour
Sasha Edwards, Virtual Simulation Demo Specialist
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Juno is a mid-fidelity patient simulator that provides options to practice a wide variety of clinical nursing skills. This 1-hour demo will dive into a head-to-toe overview of the manikins key features, observe Maestro operating software with modeled physiology, explore preconfigured simulated clinical experiences (SCEs) and highlight optional accessories for purchase. A side-by-side comparison will take place with Apollo Nursing manikin to demonstrate options for nursing education.

Learning Objectives

Analyze key features of Juno and Apollo Nursing to boost simulation training. Highlight simulated clinical experiences (SCEs) that come with Juno and additional learning modules. Demonstrate modeled physiology software that propels the enhancement of fidelity when training learners and practicing professionals.

Presented by
Sasha Edwards
Virtual Simulation Demo Specialist
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