Learning Modules

Supplement your scenarios with simulated clinical experiences

Available Simulation Curriculum

All of Elevate Healthcare′s simulation curriculum and patient cases are developed in collaboration with leading educational institutions and clinical experts. Our simulated clinical experiences (SCEs) include a scenario synopsis, learning objectives, learner performance measures, facilitator′s notes, debriefing points, teaching questions and evidence-based references.

We provide simple cases for beginners as well as a full range of complex scenarios and procedures to help practicing clinicians improve preparation and readiness. Rich patient content, including lab reports, X-rays and patient histories, are based on lab reports and x-rays to patient histories are based on real patient data and can present multiple pathologies and complications to allow practice of clinical response.

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Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) & Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Assists healthcare providers in community and hospital settings to practice and rehearse caring for patients who require advanced resuscitation


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Airway Management

Scenarios progress in difficulty from basic intubation to can’t ventilate-can’t intubate


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Cardiopulmonary Critical Situations (CCS)

Focuses on the care of patients with advanced airway management needs due to differing underlying etiologies


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Chronic/Community Care Nursing

Focused on providing care to patients battling long-term diseases


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Disaster Medical Readiness (DMR)

Isolates the most critical components of disaster and mass casualty patient care


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A free, downloadable Ebola Simulated Clinical Experience (SCE) for the entire healthcare community


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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Provides graded learning and performance objectives spanning across all EMS provider levels described in national standards


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High Acuity Nursing

Focused on severely ill and complex patient conditions; covers critical pathophysiological concepts


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Medical-Surgical Nursing

Covers a variety of acute medical problems and diseases with focus on critical thinking skills and the coordination of care for patients


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Non-gravid Patient Module

Focuses on the care of a medical-surgical female patient


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Nursing Assessment

Designed for beginning students in all types of professional nursing programs


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Nursing Fundamentals

Covers basic nursing theory and clinical skills


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Obstetrical Nursing

Focused on providing care during pregnancy and postpartum


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Pathogens of High Consequence

Assess and improve team preparedness to safely and effectively care for critically ill patients presenting with Suspected COVID-19, Ebola, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Pandemic Flu.


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Patient-centered Acute Care Training (PACT)

Provides patient simulation learning tools tied directly to ESICM’s Patient-Centered Acute Care Training (PACT) curriculum


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PNCI - Program For Nursing Curriculum Integration

Updated in 2018! Ground-breaking learning package that was the first to integrate prelicensure curriculum with high-fidelity patient simulation


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Rapid Assessment And Intervention

Acquire competencies for rapid identification of patient’s in distress on the general nursing units and appropriate response


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Respiratory Education Simulation Program (RESP)

Fundamental principals and concepts of science pertinent to the clinical practice of respiratory therapy


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Tactical Medical Care (TMC)

Improve proficiency and sustain the required skills of combat and civilian tactical medics


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Urgent Obstetrical Situations (UOS)

From basic obstetrical management to urgent/critical obstetrical situations


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