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Immersive, realistic, and comprehensive training tools
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Discover innovative products that prepare nurses for real-world clinical challenges.

From immersive labor and delivery scenarios with Lucina to comprehensive simulation management with LearningSpace. We provide the tools to elevate your simulation program.



Lucina: Advanced Obstetric Simulator

Lucina provides learners with an immersive simulated labor and delivery experience, allowing them to practice a wide range of obstetric and neonatal scenarios in a realistic and safe environment. From normal deliveries to high-risk situations, Lucina prepares nurses to confidently respond to any clinical challenge they may encounter during childbirth.

  • Immersive labor and delivery scenarios
  • Training for normal and high-risk deliveries
  • Non-gravid abdomen with five additional female patient scenarios
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“The versatility and realism offered by Lucina elevate our simulation-based learning, providing students with immersive experiences that bridge the gap between theory and practice in obstetrics.”
Janet Richards
Janet Richards
Director of Nursing
Sherry Lesar School of Nursing
Montana Technological University

LearningSpace: Comprehensive Simulation Center Management

LearningSpace offers a comprehensive simulation center management tool with scalable debriefing options. For larger simulation programs, LearningSpace also includes inventory management and standardized patient coordination applications.

  • Comprehensive management tool
  • Scalable debriefing options
  • Inventory management and patient coordination

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Juno: Versatile Nursing Patient Simulator

Juno is a realistic patient simulator that offers training in clinical skills for nurses at every level, from the basics to advanced patient care. Juno is wireless, tetherless and can sit at a 90-degree angle, allowing for a wider range of real-life scenarios.

  • Comprehensive management tool
  • Scalable debriefing options
  • Inventory management and patient coordination

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GigXR: Immersive Learning Platform

The GigXR Immersive Learning Platform allows you to scale your teaching, training and simulation programs with immersive technology and AI.

  • Curate immersive experiences made in collaboration with other leading healthcare institutions and top medical XR creators.
  • Create on top of GigXRs custom simulation framework, with no-code authoring tools, or with preferred developer partner.
  • Commercialize your subject matter expertise in XR around the world on top of the Gig Immersive Learning Platform.
  • Inventory management and patient coordination

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Medicor: Essential Nursing Task Trainers

Medicor are realistic skills trainers designed to enhance and train in nursing scenarios. Train on basic skills to more specialized procedures, including an IV arm, catheterization models and wounds.

  • Realistic skills trainers
  • Basic to specialized procedures
  • Includes IV arm, catheterization models, and wound care
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Comprehensive Prehospital & Nursing Simulator

Apollo’s nursing configuration introduces learners to a wide spectrum of scenarios, including airway assessment, cardiovascular monitoring, trauma response and respiratory management, using an advanced physiological model for realistic learning. Apollo works with fluids to simulate real care of gastric, urinary, and IV care.

  • Pediatric simulator 
  • Advanced airway and neurological features
  • Supports complex procedural practice
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High-fidelity Pediatric Manikin

Aria is a pediatric simulator perfect for adapting nursing skills to the unique needs of children. An advanced airway and neurological features allow for complex procedural practice and timely diagnosis and decision-making.

  • Pediatric simulator
  • Advanced airway and neurological features
  • Supports complex procedural practice

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    Neonatal Simulator

    Luna is a portable and versatile neonatal simulator that allows for hands-on training in various clinical scenarios. Simulating a baby from newborn to up to 28 days after birth, learners can meet requirements in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), the S.T.A.B.L.E. Program, and the Neonatal Resuscitation Program®.

    • Portable neonatal simulator
    • Simulates newborn to 28 days
    • Meets PALS, S.T.A.B.L.E., and NRP requirements

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      Virtual Patient Learning System

      Evolve is an interactive digital platform that both instructors and learners can use to add simulation to the nursing curriculum. Using a virtual patient, users can demonstrate learned skills through preprogrammed clinical experiences and incorporate the use of simulated medical equipment to support diagnosis and care.

      • Interactive digital platform
      • Virtual patient for clinical experiences
      • Supports diagnosis and care

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        Self-directed Learning & Assessment

        Embody is a self-directed digital platform for learning and assessment of critical nursing scenarios. Learners can assess the virtual patient, chart their findings, and receive automatic assessments of their demonstrated responses.

        • Self-directed learning platform
        • Virtual patient assessment 
        • Automatic assessment of responses
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        Customizable Digital Scenarios

        SimCreate, our newest digital offering, is a library of customizable scenarios that can be tailored to the specific learning objectives of women's health and neonatal curriculum.

        • Customizable learning scenarios
        • Collaborative scenario creation
        • Immersive learning experiences
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