Müse User Interface V2

If you were previously running Müse User Interface V1 (1.1) and have purchased the V2 (2.x) version, your system must be updated to V1 Build 197 (221 for Caesar) to proceed with downloading the newest V2 version. If you have a patient simulator under an active service agreement and Müse version 2, your update will be free. If you are not under an active service agreement and would like to install an update please contact customer service.

If you are running User Interface V1 (1.1) you must purchase an upgrade to V2 (2.x) and retrieve your Instructor Workstation license key before proceeding with a V2 update. Warning: if you are running V1 and have not purchased Müse User Interface V2 and download a V2 update, you will not be able to log in and we will not be able to retrieve your 1.1 software or any saved material. Once a new version is installed you will not be able to revert back to a previous version.

Can’t find your Müse Instructor Workstation license key? You can retrieve it quickly by contacting our Customer Service department.
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Running Müse User Interface V1 and want to upgrade to V2? Download a free trial of Müse 2.8.
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Instructor Workstation Updates

The Müse Instructor Workstation software is used to run your simulator and should be installed on the Elevate Healthcare-provided Instructor Workstation that is used with the simulator.

Workstation Updates
Version 2.8

SCE Development Updates

The Müse SCE development software should only be installed on computers that are NOT associated with simulators.

OSX Updates
Version 2.8
Windows Updates
Version 2.8