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Our products provide immersive, hands-on training experiences that prepare nurses to excel in obstetric and neonatal care.

We're excited to present a range of advanced simulation tools designed to elevate nursing education and practice. From realistic labor and delivery scenarios to versatile neonatal simulators, our solutions enable nurses to confidently tackle any clinical challenge.



Lucina: Advanced Obstetric Simulator

Lucina provides learners with an immersive simulated labor and delivery experience, allowing them to practice a wide range of obstetric and neonatal scenarios in a realistic and safe environment. From normal deliveries to high-risk situations, Lucina prepares nurses to confidently respond to any clinical challenge they may encounter during childbirth.

  • Realistic labor and delivery simulations
  • High-risk obstetric scenarios
  • Non-gravid abdomen with five additional female patient scenarios
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“The versatility and realism offered by Lucina elevate our simulation-based learning, providing students with immersive experiences that bridge the gap between theory and practice in obstetrics.”
Janet Richards
Janet Richards
Director of Nursing
Sherry Lesar School of Nursing

LearningSpace: Comprehensive Simulation Center Management

LearningSpace offers a comprehensive simulation center management tool with scalable debriefing options. For larger simulation programs, LearningSpace also includes inventory management and standardized patient coordination applications.

  • Scalable debriefing tools
  • Simulation center management
  • Inventory management and patient coordination
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Luna: Portable Neonatal Simulator

Luna is a portable and versatile neonatal simulator that allows for hands-on training in various clinical scenarios. Simulating a baby from newborn to up to 28 days after birth, learners can meet requirements in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), the S.T.A.B.L.E. Program, and the Neonatal Resuscitation Program®.

  • Simulates newborn to 28 days old
  • Training for PALS, S.T.A.B.L.E., and NRP
  • Versatile and portable design
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Medicor: Obstetric and Neonatal Skills Trainers

Medicor provides learners with skills trainers to enhance and train in obstetric and neonatal care. Train on basic skills to more specialized procedures, including postpartum fundus assessment, episiotomy suturing, cesarean incision care, and an infant foot for blood sampling.

  • Basic to specialized procedure training
  • Postpartum and neonatal care
  • Hands-on skills enhancement
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Advanced Ultrasound Simulation

Vimedix offers a realistic and intuitive ultrasound simulation experience, allowing learners to master women’s health and transvaginal ultrasound techniques with confidence and precision.

  • Women's health ultrasound training
  • Diagnostic skill improvement
  • Comprehensive obstetric and gynecological cases
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Focused Ultrasound Training

SimHawk provides ultrasound beginners with targeted training in transvaginal ultrasound procedures, allowing them to acquire and refine essential skills for accurate diagnosis and patient care.

  • Transvaginal ultrasound training
  • Controlled learning environment
  • Skill refinement and confidence building
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High-Fidelity Ultrasound Trainers

Blue Phantom offers learners high-fidelity ultrasound trainers for hands-on training in obstetric and gynecological ultrasound procedures.

  • Hands-on ultrasound training
  • Accurate image interpretation
  • Use with personal ultrasound machines

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Customizable Digital Scenarios

SimCreate, our newest digital offering, is a library of customizable scenarios that can be tailored to the specific learning objectives of women's health and neonatal curriculum.

  • Customizable learning scenarios
  • Collaborative scenario creation
  • Immersive learning experiences
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