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CAE Healthcare Recognizes Healthcare Simulation Week 2022

Raven Bouie, Marketing & Communication Specialist - CAE Healthcare

Sep 12, 2022

Simulation professionals across the globe are coming together to celebrate all things sim!

Healthcare Simulation Week 2022 kicks off September 12 to raise awareness about the importance of healthcare simulation and how it can improve patient safety and outcomes. This week also celebrates those who use simulation practices to improve quality of care, effectiveness, and efficiency.

At CAE Healthcare, we’re spending this week recognizing our valued Centres of Excellence (COE), including:

These institutes are globally recognized education centers that focus on delivering high-quality simulation experiences, providing innovative educational programs, conducting research, and reshaping the simulation field through their work.

They establish the standards, explore new education methods using technological advances, and work closely with industry leaders to drive change, develop new products, and provide input about changing needs.

In a nutshell, they’re game-changers!

These COEs help our team here at CAE Healthcare really make the impact needed to prepare learners for the moments that matter.

Our mission is to deliver solutions that enhance medical outcomes and make society a safer place – and with collaboration from such remarkable partners, we’re well on our way!

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