Elevate Your Human Simulation Training with Cutting-Edge Solutions

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Visit us at booth We're here to help you advance human simulation education with our comprehensive solutions designed to streamline your processes and enhance learning experiences. We offer LearningSpace for seamless simulation center management and debriefing, Medicor for realistic task trainers, and SimCreate for customizable, immersive scenarios.



LearningSpace: Comprehensive Simulation Center Management

LearningSpace offers a comprehensive simulation center management tool with scalable debriefing options. It's designed to streamline your simulation processes and includes additional features for larger programs.

  • Scalable debriefing options
  • Inventory management
  • Standardized patient coordination applications
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Medicor: Realistic Task Trainers

Medicor is a line of realistic task and skills trainers and simulation enhancements. Train in basic skills in more specialized procedures with our detailed models.

  • IV arm and wearable models
  • Infant foot for blood sampling
  • Various degrees of wounds
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SimCreate: Customizable Digital Scenarios

SimCreate, our newest digital offering, is a library of customizable scenarios that can be tailored to specific learning objectives. Enhance your training with collaborative, immersive experiences.

  • Customizable scenarios
  • Collaboration tools for scenario development
  • Addresses impactful clinical challenges
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Self-directed Clinical Learning

Maestro Embody is an intuitive, self-directed virtual learning platform designed for students and clinicians. It offers realistic clinical simulations anytime, anywhere, driven by Elevate Healthcare’s robust physiology engine. With 20 diverse clinical experiences, participants receive automatic assessments, and educators get real-time result access, enhancing learning efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Realistic simulations available on demand
  • Immediate, automatic participant assessments
  • Real-time educator access to results
  • Complements physical simulation for comprehensive learning

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Instructor-led Clinical Learning Platform

Maestro Evolve is an advanced virtual learning platform designed for powerful, interactive simulation training. It features virtual patients, preprogrammed simulated clinical experiences (SCE), and real-time medical equipment signals, making it ideal for diverse specialties like anesthesia, respiratory care, and trauma.

  • Realistic, interactive virtual patients
  • Diverse specialty training capabilities
  • Real-time medical equipment integration
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