Blue Phantom

Gen II Femoral Vascular Access & Regional Anesthesia Ultrasound Training Model

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We designed this CAE Blue Phantom lower torso model entirely of our patented Simulex tissue, providing learners the opportunity to access vessels on both limbs, resulting in twice the number of access sites. Develop and practice ultrasound imaging skills, including using ultrasound system controls, as well as positioning and moving the transducer. Learn to recognize the arterial, and venous anatomy as well as identify deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Simulate arterial pulsation with the hand pump. For regional anesthesia procedures, practice targeting the femoral nerves and injecting simulated anesthetic. Fluid automatically expels. The Simulex tissue has self-healing properties, allowing for 1000+ punctures when used with an 18-21 gauge needle.

1 bottle of Red Ultrasound Refill Solution, 235 mLs
1 bottle of Blue Ultrasound Refill Solution, 235 mLs

Femoral nerve and branches
Saphenous nerve
Fascia Iliac nerve
Femoral artery and vein
Inferior vena cava (IVC)
Common iliac artery and vein
Internal iliac artery and vein
Great saphenous vein
Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the lower right femoral vein
Pubic symphysis
Iliac crest
Inguinal ligament
Hand-bulb activated arterial pulsatility

1 Yr Manufacturer's Warranty
Additional 1 Yr Manufacturer's Warranty available at time of purchase
Only use with CAE Blue Phantom Ultrasound Refill Fluid
Only use with 18-21 gauge, sharp, unbent needles

Made in the USA